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Forbes Top 50 UAE Startups To Watch

05 Oct 2016

Last year, Forbes Middle East launched its first ever list of promising UAE startups, amid a booming entrepreneurial scene. 

The list has since grown from 25 to 50 as start-ups and entrepreneurs are becoming much more prominent, and whole lot more successful in the region.

The list is made up of a diverse group of innovative tech apps, marketplaces, platforms and businesses operating within the Middle East.

Included in the list, for example, are the likes of Carpool Arabia, a platform that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride, and ICFLIX, the on-demand video platform. 

At the top end of the list we have our very own, Eureeca,  placed proudly in 3rd place. Just above us are Washmen, the on-demand laundry pickup, and EKar,  the highly popular car-sharing service.

The list itself celebrates the proliferation of innovative startups coming into fruition in the United Arab Emirates region, and the increasing amount of risk-taking and creative entrepreneurs willing to make their dream a reality.

Here is the full list of the  Forbes Top 50 UAE Startups to Watch!