Success Stories

Here is a look at some of our success stories that demonstrate the power of equity crowdfunding.

1) Homes or Houses is a UK-registered business specialising in the sourcing and renting of properties for expatriates and foreign buyers investing in UK property. It set the record for the largest equity crowdfunding raise on Eureeca, raising $611,000 in less than 30 days. This included a $200,000 investment from a UAE-based institutional investment firm.

The campaign exhibited the true potential of equity crowdfunding. A strategic investor is facilitating the physical expansion to the UAE, many Homes or Houses customers bought into the future success of the business, and considerable PR coverage resulted from the campaign, which helped generate business leads.

2) Poupee Couture (now rebranded as “Roula”) is a Dubai-based fashion brand that specialises in handbags styled in a fusion of Western and Arab culture. In addition to securing 165% of its funding target, the Poupee Couture campaign generated great PR coverage and attracted a strategic investor who helped with market expansion.

3) Jobedu is a Jordanian crowdsourced fashion and lifestyle brand that raised $120k in just four days and demonstrated just how efficient and time effective fundraising on Eureeca can be.

4) Cabture are an Amsterdam-based ad-tech company that focus on adding value to lost travel time through cutting edge technology and one-of-a-kind user engagement. They are the first Dutch company to get funded on Eureeca, raising their target of $226,000 in just 64 days.

The campaign highlighted the increased international exposure and opportunities companies can get from raising through Eureeca’s global equity crowdfunding platform. Cabture were able to leverage a wide pool of international investors from the Eureeca network and were able to secure 58% of their investors from outside of the Netherlands, all of whom are vested in making the business global.